Cherry-colored Dream

Comissioned for Imagine a Breath of Fresh Air,, Galeria Studio, Warsaw, cur. Jindřich Chalupecký Society curatorial collective (Barbora Ciprová, Veronika Čechová, Tereza Jindrová, Karina Kottová) and Paulina Olszewska, 2023

What if there is a vast, fantastical world under our feet and over the limited horizon of anthropocentric view? Interactive essay/text adventure/speculative fiction Cherry-colored Dream takes you over the edge of human world and perspective.

After the protagonist dozes off, leaning on a tree trunk, they experience both the past and the future of a small plot of land in front of them. Maybe a pastoral fantasy, perhaps a futurist one set in Central Europe, that gets tangled up as their human-subjectivity dissolves into the mud beneath. Just as the post-colonial potato sprouts in unexpected places, visitors can choose where the story goes next.

But beware, just like with the fantasies of beautiful nature or enlightened human reason, you might not end up where you wished you would.

Created by Ondřej Trhoň and Nela Pietrová with special support by Alex Petrova

Play it (with a reimagined gallery space in 3D) on (Mac/Win)

Foto: Anna Zagrodzka