No Body is Born Clean

A short art game, collaboration with Nela Pietrová. WSAD/Gamepad.

„Its gameplay-like allows players to encounter “toxic substances, foreign tissues, organisms in various stages of growth and metamorphosis. A swimming pool where the rules of ordinary humanity no longer apply. Non-normative bodies and non-linear modes of reproduction.” It is another game using no accumulation or antagonists’ mechanics, rather allowing slow exploration and communication with the monstrous.

The monstrous in No Body is Born Clean is at the heart of the player experience, at the same time elusive and in close interaction with the player, it allows for a new mode of affirmative distancing enabling seeing the monstrous as a free actor, rather than an antagonist or a computable object.“
Filip Hauer (etc gallery)

Exhibited at:
Y: Normal Bodies
Earthly Survival: Monstrous Games (etc galerie)

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