No Fun Collective

Prague-based queer gaming collective No Fun, which focuses on bringing queer game studies discourse into the local art and gaming scene. We do shows, game jams, workshops, games.

©️ Lucia Sceranková

I co-founded it with Max*ine Vajt, Alex Petrova, Markéta Soukupová and Lála Myslíková, current memebers include Vajt, Petrova, Soukupová, me and Andrea Hubert.

Homepage (cz):
Manifesto (en)

Some activities:

No Fun I. (2021, group show, Galerie Jelení)
No Fun II: Queer to Play (2022 first Czech queer game jam)
No Fun III: Trans*grese (2023, Curated trans game art show, etc galerie)
Taky mám rád umění (2022, local multiplayer dating sim)